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The chemical, used to separate certain materials from gangue-petroleum. Buy it offers our company «SnabHim», is required for:

  • separation of oil particles and oil;
  • Division of Soleil;
  • separation in complex ore mineral composition;
  • non-ferrous metals processing and more.

Some waste materials can also be used. So, they find their application as fertilizer or components in building materials.

Petroleum, price of which we will not have too high, can be of different types, depending on the principle of its actions. Share:

  • collectors, their task is to turn in the required foam material;
  • regulators-selective sorption function;
  • Frother-substitute is dispergated oxygen molecules;
  • reagents-activators-act as catalysts, constitute fertile Wednesday for reactions;
  • reagents-depressory-prevent gidrofobizatsiju mineral composition.

Buy Petroleum Products can be used for the production of rubber, linoleum and many building materials. Turning to managers by telephone, you will receive comprehensive information about the actual price and delivery methods.

Petroleum products t-66
In stock 
48000 RUB
Petroleum products t-66Petroleum products t-66Corresponds to the technical condition of TU 2452-029-05766801-94Petroleum products t-66 transparent liquid from yellow to Brown. The substance obtained by processing the by-products of dimetildilksana.This substance must be stored at a temperature of...
Group: Флотореагент-оксаль
Petroleum Products t-92
In stock 
35000 RUB
Petroleum Products t-92Petroleum products t-92Corresponds to the technical condition of TU 2452-029-05766801-94Petroleum is obtained thanks to the processing of by-products from dimetildioksana. Flotoreagent t-92 is a flammable liquid. This product has a yellowish or brown.The t-92 was widely used...
Group: Флотореагент-оксаль


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