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Alkylbenzene Sulfonic Acids (GROUP)

Company "SnabHim" is the reliable supplier GROUP. Alkylbenzene sulfonic acids, buy we offer is a viscous liquid, with a color ranging from Brown to black, depending on the brand. To get the desired substance, requires sulfirovanie of Linear alkylbenzene oil levels.

To create a foaming products, such as detergents of different purposes, use alkylbenzene sulfonic acids. Buy it, it is also necessary for the industries that produce foam and foam isol. Another field of application is agriculture, where alkilbenzolsulfokisloty make fertilizer, protecting the plants.

Alkylbenzene sulfonic acids, its price is not too high, we have transported in leak-proof containers specially designed for storage, transportation of chemical products. The impact of it on humans may be different, depending on the intensity. However, the similarity of the effects on the skin with sulphuric acid binds to be very careful. Respect for life is tightly controlled. Optimal conditions of payment and delivery guarantee.

Alkyl benzene sulphonic (ABSK)
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Alkyl benzene sulphonic (ABSK) Alkyl benzene sulphonic (ABSK) Description: Alkyl benzene sulphonic (ABSK) - Inorganic Chemistry product obtained by alkylation with subsequent sulfonation of linear alkylbenzene. In appearance ABSK viscous liquid from light brown to dark blackish color depending...
Group: Алкилбензолсульфокислота (АБСК)


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