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If you want to buy absorbents, our company «SnabHim» is happy to provide absorbents (Nizhnekamsk) the very best quality. This substance is a liquid color which varies depending on the grade: from light-yellow to dark. This is a by-product of the production of synthetic rubber, propylene oxide or styrene.

Any handling is done absorbents in tanks and containers intended for this purpose. Because they are flammable, the storage must be performed under strict control. It should also be clearly follow the dates of validity. Because of their use in future after the substance is only possible after his/her check for eligibility.

Absorbent (Nizhnekamsk) buy we offer suitable for agriculture, petrochemical synthesis (as raw materials). Some brands are used in the manufacture of fuel or for waste disposal at the expense of their adsorption abilities.

We provide the opportunity to buy at a reduced cost due to large-scale order. In this case, the terms of payment and delivery will also be simplified

Absorbent brand 50/370
In stock 
19000 RUB
Absorbent 50/370 Specifications: TU 2411-139-05766801-2007 It turns out in production of monomers for synthetic rubber (an isoprene, isobutylene). Application as solvent of asphaltic and paraffin deposits. Release form: Liquid of dark color. Packing: Railway and automobile...
Group: Абсорбенты
Absorbent brand B (for furnace fuel)
In stock 
16000 RUB
N-B absorbent TU 38.103349-85TU 2411-100-16810126-2004 Application (appointment):Intends for needs of national economy. It is used as one of components, by production of furnace fuel. Description:On external to look absorbent of the A-2 brand represents combustible liquid, and according to...
Group: Абсорбенты


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