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Bytyl cellosolve
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Bytyl cellosolve

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Cellosolves are monoalkyl ethers of ethylene glycol. Technical bytyl cellosolve can dissolve the alkyd resins, acetates and nitrate celluloses, and also, is used for purification of metals, as solvent of pitches, varnishes and paints as hydraulic liquid and for organic synthesis. Bytyl cellosolves are universal and safe by production of paint coatings. As this flammable toxic agent, warehouses in which bytyl cellosolves are stored have to meet all necessary requirements for safety.


  • Broad use of bytyl cellosolve does it by the universal chemical raw materials applied in many areas, for example:
  • Technical bytyl cellosolves are part of some ink and the cleaning structures.
  • It is used in the chemical and oil industries at production of protective agents for products from genuine leather, at production of means for fight against oil spill, foam for fire suppression.
  • In cosmetic and household chemicals it is applied as ingredient as a part of cosmetics, liquid soap, solvents and so forth.
  • In agriculture it is added to composition of herbicides and insecticides.
  • Added to automobile fuel as additive, bytyl cellosolve does not give the chance of formation of ice.
  • It is used at dissolution of acetates and nitrate celluloses, natural and synthetic resins, polyvinyl acetate.
  • It is applied to dilution of the alkyd resins and removal of paint coatings.
Country of manufacture:Russia
Information is up-to-date: 18.11.2020
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